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This Is Where You Can Find the Most Beautiful Chairs
This Is Where You Can Find the Most Beautiful Chairs


Sitting pretty

Whether you’re into hosting lavish parties for fussy folk, having friends over for a casual get-together or simply need a functional solution to relax at home, THE One Family of Brands has a chair to suit every taste and need.

With a wide variety of styles, colours, and textures to spice up any total home experience, all that’s left to do is choose which whets your appetite.


THE One currently employs 15 Challenged individuals, one of whom has been with us for over 15 years. What’s more, our three Emirati special needs employees are all celebrating 12 years with THE One this year! THE One takes every opportunity to hire Challenged Employees. 



At THE One we continue to find ways to differentiate ourselves from other brands and hold on to what makes us unique – being magical and meaningful.

We believe that the world does not need another retailer; we believe we need a better world. For 22 years we have been developing a solid reputation in engaging with society and empowering our communities to evolve. For us it’s not about the bottom line but about Creating Shared Value; benefitting People, the Planet and also our Profit, because the better we do as a company, the more good we can do.

As the company’s turnover is the funding source for our CSR activities, the better the business does the more good we can do. We will continue to make a difference by Changing the World Together as long as our home fashion fans continue to ‘purchase with purpose’ at THE One.


a)    As a brand with CSR embedded in its DNA, how do we continue to build long-term loyalty over short-term wins?

b)    How can we attract more engagement and social sharing to help advance a customer’s own personal values?


Why just be a human being when you can be a human doing good?
Why just be a human being when you can be a human doing good?

Welcome to THE [Responsible] One blog, where you can read all about our Ethical SourcingChallenged EmployeesLocal Volunteering initiatives and THE Onederworld – our Sustainable Village Community programme.

For us, Corporate Social Responsibility is not a values issue. It’s a priorities issue. THE One touches the lives of our staff, our suppliers, our customers, and all their families on a daily basis. The stronger our brand grows, the more powerful this personal connection becomes. This carries with it a huge responsibility because, at the end of the day, we are what we do.

We don’t believe the world needs another retailer. We believe we need a better world. We feel THE One has a much more meaningful role to play than merely selling stuff no one really needs. We have a responsibility to our children, our customers, and communities to try to improve the world we live in. This goes way beyond environmental and social auditing. It's about engaging with society on a significant level and empowering our communities to evolve as a by-product of our core business.

Some of the ways in which we make a difference include hiring challenged young adults, reaching out to our local communities and our Big Idea: global education through THE Onederworld. We are on a mission to Change the World Together… Are you Brave enough to be with us?