What are the trending metallics this year – is it copper or brass and gold accents or pewter? Can they be mixed and matched?

As long as it’s metallic, it’s on-trend! We can see all the different metallics represented in both interior and fashion this season and it has become a central part of many interiors the past couple of years. So as a consumer you could really go with anything your heart desires and you’d be safe. You can absolutely mix metals and by mixing you could achieve a more fun and unique style. Pewter works with both brass and copper, however, it could be a bit harder to create nice copper and brass combinations, so maybe leave that one to the experts.

What makes metallic a great option for summer?

To be honest I think metallics work great all year round and they help to add that extra sparkle to any room. Just be careful not to overdo it. It’s all about the balance.

Simplest ways to incorporate metallic décor into your home – strategically placed lamps, couches with metallic frames, mirrors etc.

The easiest way would be to add accessories and accent pieces. That could for instance be a lamp like our statement SIA lamp with either brass or pewter base, a side table out of metal base with marble or glass top like our TWISTLE side table clear/brass or statement mirrors like the big and impressive ALEXA mirror clear/gold or a smaller and simpler version like the DIAMOND mirror gold. You could make it even easier (and cheaper) by adding some cushions with metallic prints and some metal candleholders or ornaments.



DIAMOND mirror 106x91 gold


Input from/written by:
Hanne Langmead
Collection Conceptualiser at THE One Total Home Experience

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