Is minimalism a timeless trend? If yes, then why?

Yes, I would absolutely say that minimalism is a timeless trend, however not a trend that is suitable 
for everyone, though a lot of people could benefit from it. I would assume that it is a growing trend in this day and age. There are a lot of disturbing elements around us at all time, and I think it could lead people to want to declutter their homes for some peace of mind. Minimalism slows down life and frees us from the modern hysteria to live faster.

Tips on how can colours be introduced into a minimalistic aesthetic without it being about boring neutral shades – accent chairs, statement walls, colourful art on a bare wall etc.

Most people would probably think of a minimalistic aesthetic as tone on tone of white and neutral shades. This colour palette is clean and calm and is often used in minimalistic interiors, but a minimalistic style is also about decluttering and keeping only the essentials for a functional life and not necessarily about colour. You have the option of adding the occasional colour pop of furniture or artwork into an otherwise neutral space, however if you like more colours, I can’t see any issues with creating a colourful yet clean look. Think functions and requirements and try to create a balance in the various colours you would like to use. A tone on tone palette of greens, blues or pink/reds could be both calming and minimalistic as long as it’s done right.


How to choose nail the ‘less is more’ with one or two statement pieces that are also functional instead of filling a space with too many pieces of furniture.

Instead of having a coffee table you could use a bigger footstool with a plain top surface. This could be used as a table, footrest or a seat all depending on your needs. Example; our LOLO footstool 60x60cm. Bedside tables with storage, like our AMY, CONTE or SONA bedside tables. They all have a sleek, clean and modern look and you can keep your bedroom neat and tidy without all your essentials out on display.

Incorporating natural elements into your furniture and rooms such as wood, concrete, and stone, as well as plants.
A combination of different materials is always a good idea to create a nice balance in a room. Wood often looks warm and inviting whilst stone-cold and used together you can achieve harmony. We have just received some interesting new coffee, side and console tables in false marble. The name is CUBY and they are available in white, brown and black. They are more durable, lighter and more affordable than the real deal, but has the exact same look.

Plants always add life to s space and greenery is proved to be very important for our well-being. More and more people live in big cities with less access to nature, so to add plants at home could possibly help recreate the feeling of freshness, harmony, and safety. A lot of people living in the Middle East are traveling a lot and might struggle to keep real plants alive for long. At THE One we have a great range of forever green plants in various styles and sizes. Our bestsellers at the moment is the TRAVELLERS palm tree and the KENTIA palm trees.



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