THE One New Collection

THE One New Collection

THE velvet One

At THE One, velvet is luxe and groovy this season and works beautifully with the curved and rounded line of sofas and chairs in this new collection. Mandarin orange as the key pop-up colour throughout is beautifully mixed with richer jewel tones of green and shades of pink.

Old dusty pinks are also a favourite this season and work especially well alongside metallic, modern greys and the avant-garde darker neutrals.

THE natural One

The new neutral is a rich mixture of greys, ivories, tans, old dusty pinks, and shades of brown.  To complete the natural look, we add faux marble, brass, a mix of matt metallic finishes, leather, raw wood, and / or faux botanicals.

THE glamorous One

Introducing metallics with splashes of jewel tones, elegant mirrors paired with symmetrical prints will give your home an energetic Art Deco glamour look.

Where Price & Design Matter

Bring changes to your interior by incorporating THE One’s NEW collection of great furniture, accessories, colours, and textures into your home décor: “Where Price & Design Matter”.

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